10th - 13th August 2021

Riverside Majestic Hotel - Putri Wing/Astana Wing, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia



ICC2021 is expected to provide awareness on the current and contemporary counselling issues that are relevant to the needs and requirements of the counselling field and profession especially for those who are related to the wellbeing of the people. In addition, it is hoped that the convention will be a global knowledge centre to discuss the theory, model, and counselling approach according to human development needs.

This convention will provide opportunities for professional counsellors, counselling practitioners, counselling educators, and experts involved directly and indirectly in the service of helping to exchange ideas, develop counselling knowledge such as improving knowledge in understanding human development, counselling sessions and implications, wellbeing and happiness human beings

Important Dates

Abstract Submission for Paper and Poster:

31st March 2021

Theme: Contemporary Issues in Counselling

1. Ethics & Legal in Counselling

(Etika dan Perundangan dalam Kaunseling)

2. Counselling Intervention & Skills

(Kemahiran dan Intervensi Kaunseling)

3. Counselling Supervision

(Penyeliaan Kaunseling)

4. Teaching and Learning in Counselling

(Pembelajaran dan Pengajaran Kaunseling)

5. Multicultural Counselling

(Kaunseling Pelbagai Budaya)

6. Career Counselling

(Kaunseling Kerjaya)

7. School Counselling

(Kaunseling Sekolah)

8. Organisational Counselling

(Kaunseling Organisasi)

9. Mental Health Counselling

(Kaunseling dan Kesihatan Mental)

10. Rehabilitation Counselling

(Kaunseling dan Pemulihan)

11. Family, Adolescents & Children Counselling

(Kaunseling Keluarga, Remaja, dan Kanak-kanak)

12. Testing & Measurement Counselling

(Pengukuran dan Pengujian Kaunseling)

13. Technology in Counselling

(Teknologi dalam Kaunseling)

14. Spiritual Counselling

(Kaunseling Kerohanian)

15. Counselling and Human Resource

(Kaunseling dan Sumber Manusia)

16. Wellbeing Counselling

(Kaunseling Kesejahteraan)


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