Psychoemotional Support Notes

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Dr Amalia Madihie

Registered Counsellor (Malaysia) co-Chair ICC2020
Deputy Dean for Industry and Community Engagement, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak
Executive PERKAMA International

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Assalammualaikum and greetings from Home ❀❀❀

it is not easy to be in this situation, or in our counselling term, we can consider this situation as ‘crisis’. 😒😒😒

However, this time, the crisis is invisible and hardly to identify what is what. Due to that, psychologically, it makes us so sceptical and create a stigma.. and we may discriminate people and all the negative and harsh emotions towards others.

Let’s us take this situation from the bright side. How many of us spent 24-7 with our own family? With our loved one before this? None right? Sometime God wants us to reflect. Take this opportunity to be with our family, support each other emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I know, may be some of us feel so awkward, doesn’t it? πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ I believe it is not easy to do work from home due to the distractions. 😁

So what should we do? Let’s check this out to boost our resiliency πŸ’ͺ

BASICS do we have enough food, clean water, clean clothes, clean air, clean house, enough medicine, and etc.? If we do, alhamdullillah. Of course, we are thinking of others who unfortunate. My heart goes to them and I believe God will guide us how to help them. 🏑

BELONGINGS– I always check and recheck on this magical potion! My relationship with my family, friends, neighbour, colleagues and others. I may not able to contact everyone and reply everyone’s emails at present due to my own condition. Taking care of mom and being a single mommy are still struggling at my own end. The least I can do is pray for them. Text or send photo is really helping me to go through my day to spread the love ❀❀

LEARNING – Covid19 is a new virus and the symptoms are common and surprisingly, the virus can kill!! So read and understand how to prevent the virus, social distancing is crucial at this time. Not only that, I believe everyone of us around the world receive texts relating to current situations. I know we can get overwhelming! Be wise when we receive this info. πŸ“šπŸ“šπŸ“š

COPING – Everyone needs to cope, don’t we? With knowledge, acknowledge our own feeling, don’t be in denial, know our strengths and weaknesses during this time, will help us cope modestly and smartly. Don’t get so panicking- for instance, need to rush to supermarket and buy the whole supermarket. In sya Allah, we will be all right. Always check back our Basics just now. Buy something you need as usual. Another bright side I’d like to share is what happens because of Allah. So, always pray and come back to Him for protection, help and love. 🌈🌈🌈

Lastly, CORE SELF – our belief. Our perception towards everything. Strengthen our belief with positive thought and emotion. This situation may a reminder to us about the greatest creation. Don’t lose the faith!

Be resilient in this situation! If you feel bad or sad or worry, acknowledge the feeling. Talk about it. Find someone to talk to.


Dr Haniza Rais

Registered Counselor IIUM
PERKAMA International


Salam to all,

This has been difficult for everyone. The pandemic has given us all new and unexpected experience. Thus, first and foremost, it is important for us to stay calm.

Despite the worry and concern we have for ourselves and our loved ones, we have to respond appropriately to the situation. This, however, has led to anxiety and stress to some.

As such, everyone has a role as a helper to others. We have to identify those who need immediate psyho-emotional assistance from mental health professionals. Respond to them. calm them down and focus on what to to next. if they are not able to do so, Refer them to counselors so that timely support can be rendered to those in need. Counselors will help those who need immediate support; identify the immediate issues, determine appropriate interventions for them; and decide the follow ups or referral to other professionals if necessary.

Counseling is to prevent the possibility of potential effects of people, families and children, students, staff and public at large.
At times like this, crisis intervertion begins with good communication.
– provide accurate information.
– briefly explain the reasons the closure.
– identify the immediate needs of the affected people physical needs (safety, food, shelter etc )
people willl have lots of questions like about their safety and well-being.

Take time to address their concerns and answer the questions without promising anything we are not sure of.

When in crisis, some will get panicky and can cause others to panic as well, thus remind each other to stay calm is crucial. also helpful to say to each other that we will go through this together during this difficult times. use simple language to explain to the children. educate them about the hygiene during this crisis.

Be an ethical and responsible citizen. Get the latest uodate. Practice social distancing. Be mindful of others.

InsyaAllah, our country will get through this phase. May Allah protect us and our loved ones.

Mar 17, 2020

Surenthiran Pillai

K.B.P.A, CH,CHt, CHp
Registered Counselor (K.B) 04298
Certified Practitioner (P.A) 03591
Perkama International Life Member (ASH 00460)
Certified Laughter Yoga Leader

Movement Restriction is Imposed in Malaysia, How to mentally be prepared for this?

This is a first time scenario for us Malaysians, surely many will be experiencing a mixed emotion consisting of like feeling blur, clueless, chaos, panic & even disorientation… 1st we need to calm down & accept the current situation, never be in denial as it can be dangerous, Secondly do the necessary advised by the authorities like KKM & MSN


What will be the people’s emotion or feeling state now?

As mentioned people may be in state if surprise, shock, frustration or even anger, some may also feel amused with the current scenario, seeing the way people react, watching what is happening via social Medias or we may not be surmised if there are people who are still clueless with the entire scenario


How should people manage their emotion in this crisis situation?

People should stay calm, dont panic because when in a panic state, we may not be able to think clearly, thus its crucial to be vigilant & avoid reacting to fake or unverified news and info’s… people should do Keep track of the current situation yet remain calm, use the time at home wisely on strengthening family bonding’s


How about panic & interaction with others & interaction in the family?

We can still interact with others virtually, via phone calls, social Medias etc… We need not to shut down interaction totally yet its crucial that we avoid spreading fake news or panic to others. Minimize physical interaction outside i.e. totally avoid unnecessary outings, especially with those with symptoms, avoid such interactions nicely, be assertive…

As for within the family, take this opportunity to interact to the maximum, talk & share emotions, discuss & spend time, its an opportunity to develop togetherness, think of fun ways like playing scrabble and other board games or indoor activities re- live how things were in times before… Trust & watch out for each other, if family member develops symptoms, maintain safe distancing & encourage them to get the necessary test & treatment


Lifestyle / routine changes how it impacts & how people should prepare?

Yes the normal routine is definitely disrupted for many, acceptance & adherence is the key, if people can adhere to the instruction & contribute to the confinement of the virus & when things gets under control then the normal routine can be back fast, or else we should be prepared for a longer disruption… We need to understand that at this point, safety is the utmost priority compared to comfort & daily routine… it’s  just temporary, accept & adjust accordingly, We need  get emotional or negative over it, need not to blame or get angry over anyone. Stay calm, stay vigilant & do our part to help the frontline medical and safety officials


Lastly what is your message for people in the current Covid-19 situation?

To all, kindly please be vigilant, follow the movement restriction order, avoid unnecessary outings & please stay home, we can make a change in this together…. Sometimes not doing anything is also a great help in the case of doing something may cause harm… Thank You .